How to wear


The easiest style for the novice- just drape your scarf around the neck and let it hang out. Give one side a twist for added flair.



1. Loosely drape around front of neck.

2. Leave the ends hanging at the front.

3. Pull the loop wider so it does not sit tightly around your neck.



We love this look. Also looks great when you tuck the ends in coat or shirt. Perfect with our new 8ft long scarves!

1. Wrap around and around and around your neck. No more explanation needed.




Not just for robbing banks anymore! This look is our favorite way to wear our square scarf.

1. Fold into triangle.

2. Hold it front of you and pull the ends behind and around to the front. Tuck one side under the triangle and leave one side flailing about. Note: The look can also be achieved by folding our rectangle style in half first.



We have to credit scarf guru Josh Peskowitz from for this one. He showed us this savvy, Parisian inspired look and we were in awe of its simple brilliance.

1. Bunch scarf up lengthways.

2. Hold it front of you and pull the ends behind and around to the front.

3. Tuck both sides over and under the loop. Wear it slightly off to the side. Voila! Looks great and will stay put.




Also very easy. This is modern classic look. Asymmetry is key. Wear it tight or loose around the neck.

1. Fold in half.

2. Wrap around neck and pull ends thru the loop. Note: Fold our square scarf into a triangle and roll lengthways to wear it this way.